I was very lucky to work with Michael Tatone on my commercial rental legal matter. It was hard to find someone who worked on the commercial real estate side of the street and when I had a problem with my commercial landlord I didn't know where to turn. He was able to give sound advice and help me with the matter. There aren't that many lawyers in Los Angeles that were willing to do this at a fair rate. Then when COVID struck and I needed more advice about my lease I was glad to have someone who could answer those questions with wisdom too.

Cybil Solyn

Michelangelo is knowledgeable, attentive, and professional. I would recommend anyone to use him as an attorney.

Shamim Akhavan

I am so grateful to have had the luck and good intuition of having chosen Michelangelo Tatone in representing me in a personal injury lawsuit.

My attorney, Michelangelo Tatone, handled my case in a very professional manner. He was extremely accurate and honest in all aspects of the information given to him. He responded immediately to all my requests and phone calls. His expertise was most impressive. His persistence and ability to represent my case resulted in me being awarded the highest amount allowable. I highly recommend his services to anyone needing counsel.

Grazi DeFonte

Michelangelo Tatone is a true professional who knows the law and will deliver results. He genuinely cares about his clients and it shows in how hard he works. He attentively listened to my situation and was able to meet with me right away. I highly recommend Michelangelo and his services to anyone in need! -Laura

Laura Thompson

This attorney is amazing.Gave me all the info I needed immediately!Supported my confidence.....

Peter Huber

Michelangelo took over my landlord/tenant case that my former scummy lawyer totally screwed up. I know it was a big deal to take on and he was ready for the challenge. He was honest and trustworthy, I highly recommend Michaelangelo!!

Tina V.

I was looking for a retaliation eviction case and found Mike on Yelp. I requested a consultation and in minutes he promptly got back to me with a time for a phone consultation. He called me at the time he said and listened to my story. He was very friendly, diligent, honest and an absolute pleasure to speak with. Although my case did not require professional service, he answered all my questions and gave me direction on how to pursuit it at small claims. If anything changes and I need somebody, I am definitely going to get back with Mike for future cases.

Jun K.

I have contacted Michelangelo on several occasions. At times for simple questions, and others when I have required more in depth assistance. He always takes the time to help. I have had a few questions and needed help on a couple of occasions involving my employer, and an associate I conducted business with. In both instances he provided quick, and very helpful information that allowed me to resolve my issues virtually instantly. As a physician, the contracts I encounter can be extensive. Having Michelangelo look them over, and assist me with my questions has been very helpful.
I would absolutely recommend him, and will of course contact him in the future as I require.

Michelangelo R.

I contacted Michelangelo regarding landlord/tenant issues. I knew that I was being taken advantage of by my landlord and that he was legally in the wrong but I was having a hard time finding an attorney to take my case on a contingency basis. Most attorneys I spoke to were not interested because they didn't view my case was a guaranteed slam dunk. However, Michelangelo was compassionate - he had faith in the system and that my landlord should be held accountable. He was very easy to work with, always listening to my points and concerns and attentive with keeping me updated on the case. Thanks to Michelangelo's due diligence my case was settled quickly and without having to go court, and in my favor. I really appreciate him believing in me and and sticking up for my legal rights when I was in need of a contingency agreement. I highly recommend Tatone Law for your legal needs. If I am ever in need of an attorney again I will absolutely contact him.

Jessica A.

I have tenant landlord law issue, and Michelangelo is so attentive and he will explain the lease to me very clearly, what action I can make, and tell me how I can achieve my goal. He is so kind and compassionate with his client, so approachable and he is always able to answer further question after first consultation. Many lawyer I have find are too arrogant and always trying to hold on info and drag time so you can pay more to them. I would totally recommend him for your legal advice if you are super STRESSED OUT!

Happyprince M.

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